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"In general, a knowledge base is a centralized repository for information: a public library, a database of related information about a particular subject, and could all be considered to be examples of knowledge bases. In relation to Information technology (IT), a knowledge base is a machine-readable resource for the dissemination of information, generally online or with the capacity to be put online. An integral component of knowledge management systems, a knowledge base is used to optimize information collection, organization, and retrieval for an organization, or for the general public."

Margaret Rouse

Our Purpose as a Knowledge Base

I started this website with for the purpose of storing the knowledge I had obtained going through life. We are confronted by challenges daily. There are times when we know the solution to overcome these challenges, there are times when we have to learn. We are lucky enough now to have many more resources available besides just going to the library, or speaking to the local wiseman. Today we have the internet which is a very large collection of information. Anyone can basically "search for" something and get several different opinions on the subject.

The First Topic to Discuss in our Knowledge Base

If your trying to search the web, and you have a slow computer this is for you. Sometimes a computer can slow down over time and we don't even realize it. We just get used to it, and after a while we start to wonder why it's taking so long for this webpage to load or why does Microsoft Word take so long to open and then close. These are all problems I faced, and more. I searched the web high and low for a solution. I installed programs that claimed would speed my computer back up, but only secretly installed little programs that ran in the background and made my problem worse. I searched, and search, and searched...until I finally found it. It was simple and safe. It was made by a big brand name that specializes in removing computer viruses. It was not at all what I had expected to fix my computer...but it did.

Find out how to fix your computer too


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