Drug side effect definition

An often undesirable effect that occurs in association with the use of a particular medication.

Research it before you ingest it

You may have heard something like this on television during a drug commercial - "may cause such common side effects as diarrhea, dry heaves, shingles, temporary or permanent blindness and convulsions leading to a coma. Rarely, with prolonged use, other side effects may occur such as limited bladder control, loss of feeling at the extremities and so on."

Hearing that kind of makes a person question whether they would just rather fight the illness without it. The purpose of some of the articles in this section is not to influence you to stop taking these drugs because some of them can really help you. The purpose is to get you to question them, and do some research to make sure what is being prescribed is safe to take. Sometimes you do not find out about the truly damaging side effects for years after they have been released. For some people it's too late. Again, question and research before you ingest.

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