How to Speed Up You're Computer Quick

First clean your PC…

I'm going to keep this simple, and get straight to the point. Most computer repair people want you to imagine the worst, and feel overwelmed. This way you take your computer to them before you even attempt to fix it yourself, and in fact you can fix many of your computers problems very easily. You don't have to buy anything. Just follow the instructions here on this page. Usually the problems are either in your registry or viruses in your computer, and more than likely both. I am giving you information here that will save you money, and a lot of headaches. All I ask in return is that you share this page on Facebook or "Like" it.

Here is how to fix this quickly. I really see a lot of change in a computers performance when I run the CCleaner Registery Cleaner. I usually start with that then run the the Norton Power Eraser (NPE), and most of the PC’s problems are solved. Save or bookmark this page because the Norton Power Eraser will restart your computer, and you need to come back to this page.

If you want more choices than Nortons Power Eraser. I really like that one, but there are others at the DCWG website. It never hurts to run two or three of those virus scanners because one will usually find what another missed. Here is the link Use the choices down under the DNS changer heading. These scanners were made available when the DNS changer virus hit, but we're not looking for a DNS Changer virus. We are looking for a virus that is buried deep like that. Do this and you will see a 98% increase in your computers speed and efficiency.

You Still Need an Antivirus Program

Do not rely on these secrets alone. You still need an antivirus program to monitor your computer at all times. Some viruses will get past the antivirus, and that is when you need to do what I recommended above.

These are the two antivirus programs I recommend


Norton's will slow your computer down a little, but if you like to visit porn sites this is what you will need.



I use AVG, and I love it. It will not bog your computer down



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