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Humans are logical creatures, and as surprising as this might be, when we visit a website our minds make a series of decisions that affect the actions we take. The ability to reason enables us to form judgments, reach conclusions and make decisions. If, on the web, we weren't able to think on the spot and then take action, we would trap ourselves in crippling situations of mindless clicking.

Behavioral psychology is an advancing field, and we web ninjas need to understand something about psychology in order to make usable websites. If we understand human needs and emotions how we interpret what we see and how we choose to act then we will better understand our site users. Well be able to choose and create meaningful layouts, typography and colors.

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Giving your visitors a sense of growth and increasing their self-esteem is essential. One of the main problems faced by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many other social networks is how to get visitors to participate and feel that they are welcome and safe. The "silent visitor" (or lurker) has existed for many years and makes up the majority of people who visit the average website. This type of visitor usually isn't socially inclined; a number of your audience members will not go any further than to visit and read, which isn't very encouraging if you want to establish a community.

For a design to work, it must meet the needs of visitors although what's important to visitors is up for debate and could drastically change from project to project. Some needs cannot be met before other needs have been addressed. The most famous theory about what humans require in order to reach their "pinnacle" the point where they decide to participate was posited by the humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow in the form of a "hierarchy of needs." Maslow defined levels of importance that reflect how and what humans prioritize, as well as what they require in order to appreciate their surroundings and achieve personal growth (or "self-actualization").

Website not Getting Much Traffic? No Problem

One key thing you need for a successful website is to get big websites that are having success to have links pointing back to your website. If you have a link from Pintrest you will have traffic flowing to your website once people explore your pins. A link from Microsoft for example will also get you respect from Google, and this will increase your websites rank. This in turn will cause your website to be a the top of search results and bring tons of traffic to your website. Anyone can do this.

Free Code For Website Layout

Start your website today and feel free to use our free website layout here. Click the link and it will take you straight to the html and css code we used to build this website.

My Friends Advice for Website Developers

A website is like a convenience store, and keywords are like different products. Most customers go into a convenience store looking for a specific item. If all you sell is snickers then the only customers you'll get are people looking for snickers. Others might accidentaly stumble in but only snickers people will buy them and then return again later. You need to sell a wide variety of items (You need to have multiple keywords on your webpage). My friend and mentor goes into great detail on his website He is an expert in Local SEO, and has mastered the art of making money from websites. To read more off his awesome advice follow the link to his website.


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